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  1. Dans le sujet : Hadith Of The Day

    Posté 26 nov. 2008

    Merci pour le's truly a message we need to remember.
  2. Dans le sujet : Please Read

    Posté 13 nov. 2008

    To be honest, I'm really conflicted with the whole situation. On one hand I agreed with some of the things mentioned in the article and on the other hand I feel that even if Muslims were not well represented we still needed to vote. The article is right in that both Obama and Mc Cain's campaign did not speak about the Muslims in the United States. It was mentioned that Obama went to visit a temple and a church but didn't go into a mosque. That entire election made Muslims in the United States look like outcast and didn't treat them like citizens and we cannot ignore that fact. We voted for Obama and did not stand up for the causes we believe; we freely gave away our vote and asked for nothing in return.
    On the other hand Obama faced a lot of criticism from the public for having a Muslim middle name...and we all know that if he had associated with Muslims then he probably wouldn’t have had much chances of winning. So he played his cards right and stayed away from anything that would damage his chances at being the next president.
    I think the Muslims in the United States made a choice to vote and not stay silent...between Obama and Mc Cain, Obama is more likely to be more understanding of our issues. We cannot forget that Obama is from Kenya and the Muslim religion is not so far out of his life but Mc Cain on the other hand has probably never even had a conversation with a Muslim. So I think we did right in voting for Obama and not Mc Cain.
    I agree that our leaders have let us down, we need a strong leadership now more then's funny they are so quick to preach at conferences but when reality hits and we need strong figures to fight for our cause they are nowhere to be seen. We, as Muslims need to stand up for what we believe in and remain strong in the mist of all of it.
    It’s not too long ago that the black community couldn’t vote in the States and now they have a black president, it’s going to take time for the Muslim community to overcome the struggles we face today and until then we need to remain patient while still voicing our opinion.
  3. Dans le sujet : Ex Boyfriend

    Posté 12 nov. 2008

    A mon avis une relation avec un ex n'est pas ideale... il faut garder une distance.
  4. Dans le sujet : Us Election 08

    Posté 5 nov. 2008

    OBAMA Hussein Barrack is the first black president of the United stated....what a historical event.
  5. Dans le sujet : Us Election 08

    Posté 5 nov. 2008

    Obama has 175 electoral votes vs Mc Cain who has 61 electoral votes...isn't that amazing...I think my predictions might be wrong and we might see the first Black president in the United States.

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