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Posté 28 janvier 2006 - 12:12

Tell Congress: We Must Protect Asylum-Seekers

On December 16, the US House of Representatives approved a bill that, if enacted into law, will seriously erode the protection of refugees and asylum-seekers in the US. The bill is called the Border & Immigration Enforcement Act of 2005 (HR 4437) and it will:
criminalize unlawful presence in US
decrease the right to due process
expedite the removal of asylum-seekers arriving in US and return them to persecution without an opportunity to fully present their claim
expand detention of asylum-seekers
broaden the definition of "alien smuggling" to include legitimate activities by family members, employers, and refugee advocates
expand the definition of "aggravated felony" which results in ineligibility for refugee or asylum status
limit eligibility for naturalization
The US Senate will consider immigration reform legislation in this session of Congress.
You can help by e-mailing your Senators and urge them to reject any provisions that would undermine US obligations toward refugees, asylum-seekers, and the individuals or organizations that seek to help them.
Please oppose HR 4437 bill

Dear Senator,
I urge you to oppose any provisions that would endanger refugees, asylum-seekers, or others in need of protection. Such harmful provisions were included in the Border & Immigration Enforcement Act of 2005 (HR 4437) passed by the House in December.

This bill attacks our fundamental constitutional values of due process and targets not only undocumented immigrants but also legal immigrants and US citizens.

HR 4437 would have a disastrous effect on refugees and asylum-seekers. HR 4437 gives extraordinary powers to immigration officers to remove individuals without a fair hearing. Such removal has resulted in irreversible mistakes including the wrongful removal of genuine refugees and asylum-seekers. The bill also allows for indefinite detention without review.

The bill would also criminalize violations of immigration law with very serious consequences for refugees and others who qualify for humanitarian relief. In addition, individuals and organizations that provide assistance, such as advice to asylum-seekers or trafficking victims, could be at risk of criminal prosecution.

I urge you to reject any legislation similar to HR 4437. Please oppose dangerous enforcement-only policies and support a reasonable bill.

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