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12-mai 03
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Icône du message  Posté 30 juin 2003 - 03:15

Jerry: ohhh...shiiit..welcome back to the jerry springer show...Today show talks about woman who feels neglected in a relationship...
Now today we have on the show Mercedes...and we also have her boyfriend of 7 years...Ray-ray-row-row...

Ray-ray: its Ray-ray mufuka...

Jerry: Well...thats what ive said...
Now Mercedes...why do u feel neglected by lil'roy??

Ray-ray: ray-ray mufuka!!!!

Mercedes: iam tired of Ray-ray bul-shiit...

Jerry: u tired?? iam even tired of smelling it :lol:

Mercedes: i just want this fat-mufuka everynow and then, to fuk and watch my feet..tied my weed...

Jerry: Well... u should have married a cuter :lol:
Well...Ray-ray...i believe that Mercedes has brought u all the way down here to tell u something..Na Mercedes....what is it that u to tell Ray-ray???

Mercedes: Well Jerry...i feel that since Ray-ray has been neglecting me...i feel that i ve to go and get another man!!!!

Jerry: Another man!!! OHHH!! would u all like to see...what's his name? what's his name???
Mercedes: Stuart..
Jerry: would u all like to see Stuart????

Now Stuart...u are in love with Mercedes...whats goin on with that ?? let us to us...
Stuart: Yes iam in love with her...and i feel that Ray-ray mistreats her ...and iam the better man Jerry!!!

Ray-ray: hold on...hold on...this mufuka works for me :angry:

Jerry: its look like someone has been doin a lil bit of overtime :lol:

Ray-ray: Na...jerry...ive been chekin ur shit all the show and u smart-arss...and that shit from the audience
i think it s about time that i let u...u biitch and the audience know something....

Audience: what!!!

Jerry: this is a mufukin anybody listen-up...i want ur wallet ...i want ur chaines ...i want ur rings..i want ur ear-rings...i want ur tongue rings..i want ur nose rings...and i want ur nipple rings ( :lol: )
Now where was I? i want ur credit cards...i want ur gaz cards...i want ur supermarket cards..i want ur easy pass...i want ur tics-tacs....whatever u got in a bag...And jerry get ur arss ova here and give me a finale thought...

Jerry: Well...i think that u have the finale thought in ur hand (lol: )
respects... B)
"There's gonna be some stuff u gonna see that's gonna make it hard To smile in the future, but through whatever you see, Through all the rain and all the pain, you gotta keep your sense of humor. you gotta be able to smile through all this bullsh*t"

Tupac Shakur

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13-juin 03

Posté 03 juillet 2003 - 10:08

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: that what we do to those who miss even one chance of repectin us.
I like u very much but i like myself more.
Please Honey dont Money me.

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