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12-mai 03

Icône du message  Posté 27 juin 2003 - 05:08

Good: Your wife's cute when she's mad at you.
Bad: She wants a divorce.
Ugly: She's a lawyer.

Good: Your husband and you agree, no more kids.
Bad: You can't find your birth control pills.
Ugly: Your daughter borrowed them.

Good: Your wife is pregnant.
Bad: It's triplets.
Ugly: You had a vasectomy three years ago.

Good: Your son is finally growing up.
Bad: He's involved with the woman next door.
Ugly: So are you.

Good: Your son spends a lot of time alone in his room.
Bad: You find several porn movies hidden there.
Ugly: You're in them.

Good: Your husband understands fashion.
Bad: He's a cross-dresser.
Ugly: He looks better than you.

Good: You give the "Facts of life" talk to your daughter.
Bad: She keeps interrupting.
Ugly: With corrections.

Good: The mailman's early today.
Bad: He's wearing fatigues and carrying a shotgun.
Ugly: You gave him nothing for Christmas.

Good: Your son is dating someone new.
Bad: It's another man.
Ugly: He's your best friend.

Good: Your daughter got a new job.
Bad: As a hooker.
Ugly: Your coworkers are her best clients.
Real Ugly: She makes more money than you do!


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22-juin 03

Posté 30 juin 2003 - 09:58

hey cousin do u wanna know some u re not interestin don waste ur time to copy paste ..ok around ..maybe next time u ll say some moreImage IPB :(( ..ah one more thing sorry for Aaliyah the exgirl fren of Dmx in case that u dunno

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