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Iran Ready To Aid Resolve Of Problems Between Djibouti, Eritrea Noter : -----

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Posté 07 novembre 2008 - 07:43

Des députés européens inquiets

une délégation du Parlement européen s'est dite "alarmée" par la situation sécuritaire entre Djibouti iyo Eritrea
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UN Says Djibouti, Eritrea Tyrant Says Ethiopia!

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Wonder no more. In the case Djibouti (Plaintiff) versus Eritrea (Defendant), UN and Eritrea tyrant Afewarki are not talking past each other. It’s Eritrea tyrant Afewarki trying to use the Djibouti issue as leverage to force UN action against his nemesis in Ethiopia for not handing over the disputed town of Badme that an independent international court set up after the war, the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC), awarded to Eritrea.

Nothing New here. It is archetypal of Afewarki’s patented ‘My way or the highway’ insane tyrannical modus operandi. He did it to the UN before and he is doing it to them now.

In doing so, Eritrea ruler Afewarki is playing the same game and singing the same tune again as he did during the case ‘Eritrea (Defendant), versus UN peacekeepers in Eritrea (UNMEE) [Plaintiff]’ early this year that left the UN with no other option but to pull out its peace keepers all together rather than caving in to Afewarki’s tyrannical demands.

Then as now, Eritrea tyrant did not deny the charges labeled against him but he used the resolution of those charges as leverage to blackmail the UN into taking forceful action to compel Ethiopia to comply with the decision of the EEBC although the UN has nothing to do with the EEBC per se.

The name of the game that Eritrea tyrant is playing is called ‘Blackmailing The UN’. And the tune sounds as follows:

You say UNMEE, I say Ethiopia
You say Djibouti, I say Ethiopia
You say Ras Doumera, I say Mt. Musa Ali
You say conflict, I say conspiracy
You say Djibouti border dispute, I say EEBC

That’s kind of reminiscent of Gershwin’s song "You say 'to-may-to', I say 'to-mah-to", "You say 'po-tay-to', I say 'po-tah-to", albeit in a perverted sense. Don’t take it from me. In a letter Eritrea tyrant sent to UN Secretary Genaral Moon on 25 October 2008, a day after yet another Security Council Hearing on the case ‘Djibouti versus Eritrea’, all the tyrant talked about was the final report of the Chairman of the EEBC while devoting only a couple of lines to the issue at hand for the sole purpose of denying its existence despite his own admission that there was indeed an armed border clash between Djibouti and Eritrea that claimed the lives of at least 3 dozens of Djiboutian soldiers.

In either of the cases cited above, tyrant Afewarki does not necessarily dispute or deny whatever he is charged with but he uses resolution of those charges as leverage to force UN action against whomever he is scapegoating for his actions.

In the case of UN peace keepers (UNMEE), Afewarki blamed Ethiopia for his actions and used the peace keepers case as leverage to force UN action to compel Ethiopia to abide by the Agreements it signed. The UN did not bow to this tyrannical demand; instead it pulled out its peacekeepers all together reluctantly.

In the case of Djibouti, Afewarki does not necessarily dispute what he is charged with either- he says he was only acting in self-defense against a disguised Ethio-US conspiracy to get him, hence blames Ethiopia and the US for his actions. Yet, conspiracy or not, that does not negate the fact that the bloody incident did happen and lives were lost. Afewarki knows it well too. But true to his tyrannical modus operandi, he takes advantage of the situation to once again force UN action against Ethiopia for not complying with the decision of the EEBC by using the resolution of the incident as leverage.

voilà! In a nutshell, that is the quintessence of tyrant Afewarki’s terrorist mode of operation. The Eritrea tyrant has not only developed and mastered a way of blackmailing (terrorizing) the UN, so far with impunity, but also equally perfected yet another fraudulent scheme to convert himself from being the defendant (victimizer) into the plaintiff (victim) by simply scapegoating others for his sins, so to speak. Accordingly, in his perverted mind Afawerki has eliminated Djibouti from the equation and turned the case into Eritrea (plaintiff) versus Ethiopia, US, UN (Defendants) and that is how he is selling it to his domestic audience and to gullible members of the Eritrean diaspora. That is unedited reflection of Eritrea tyrant's worst nightmare about his border issue with Ethiopia that he botched up and of his schizophrenic paranoia about the US being all out to get him. How pervert!

Precedence has it that the UN did not bow to Afawerki’s first blackmailer (UNMEE). And this time around, all indications are that the UN is not going to submit to Afewark’s second blackmailer either. The Security Council has, in its hearing of the case on 24 Oct., granted Eritrea tyrant plenty of time to reconsider his objection to peaceful resolution of the matter, else the UN would be forced to act under Chapter VII of its charter and apply it to its fullest extent. France has offered to draft a resolution to that effect.

Yet, Eritrea tyrant did not waste time to let the UN know that he is not budging an inch (see letter). With that, Afewarki is daring the UN to act. Now the ball is back in UN’s court.

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