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15-février 07

Icône du message  Posté 06 mars 2007 - 12:19

Le richissime president de la banque mondiale ...... a les chaussettes trouees!
Ce qui n'a pas echappe aux cameras et a fait le tour du monde lors de sa visite officielle a une Mosquee en Turquie.
De plus il se coiffe avec sa bave :lol:
Un homme simple ou un radin pas tres a cheval sur l'hygiene et l'esthetique? :lol:


World Bank President and former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz has reminded the world how "fiscally conservative, " "fashion backward" and "hygienically unfortunate" Little-Big-Man Wolfowitz is.... On a visit to Turkey yesterday, Wolfowitz flashed a sock with a hole in it! And was caught on camera!

Wolfowitz is in Turkey for two days of official meetings. Since arriving, he has praised Turkey for its economic and political stability. Wolfowitz had breakfast yesterday with college students who are working on different projects funded by the World Bank. He then travelled from Istanbul to Edirne in northwestern Turkey, where he visited the Selimiye Mosque.

As Wolfowitz took off his shoes to enter the Selimiye Mosque, one of his socks was observed to be torn. To be more precise.... at least one toe was seen poking through a hole in his gray sock — make that toes through holes in socks (pictured right)!

Seemingly unashamed by his feet, Wolfowitz went about his business in the mosque. After the visit (and with his shoes, thankfully, on his feet), he attempted to buy two necklaces for his daughters in the shopping area next to the mosque. Realizing he did not have sufficient money ($275 YTL - about $196) to pay for the necklaces, he had to borrow it from his security detail.



Kill ur personal assistant dude !!! :lol:
Alors les mecs, plus de complexes ca arrive aux plus riches :lol:

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