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Somaliland's quest for recognition persists
FOR the outsider, “Somali” connotes anarchy and chaos and Mogadishu's Bakaara market (made famous in the movie “Black Hawk Down”) depicts the traumatic failure of US Special Forces in a botched operation in 1993. However, Somaliland's relative peace ...
The Herald - about 7 hours ago
Red Flag Raised In Ethiopia As Food Shortages MountRed Flag Raised In Ethiopia As Food Shortages Mount
(GIN)—Surely, Ethiopia would rather be known for something other than the cyclical hunger-producing droughts, spurred in part by regular episodes of El Nino. Ethiopia has been doing very well over the past 15 years or so. ... Meanwhile, extremely dry ...
Amsterdam News - about 13 hours ago
Ethiopia Undertakes Development Projects to Only Fight Poverty
Thus, Ethiopia is called water tower. Awash, Wabishebelle, Omo, Baro, Mereb, Tekeze, Abay, Genalle some among others are potential Rivers that originate from Ethiopian highlands and discharge into Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea and Egypt.
AllAfrica.com - Wed 10 Feb
UN: More Female Genital Mutilation Than ThoughtUN: More Female Genital Mutilation Than Thought
Half of the victims live in just three countries – Egypt, Ethiopia and Indonesia. This is nearly 70 million ... Somalia has the highest rate of women and girls who have been cut. It affects 98 ... Guinea, Djibouti and Sierra Leone also have very high ...
Voice of America (blog) - about 33 minutes ago
Al Shabaab to use Amisom uniforms as disguise in attacks -Al Shabaab to use Amisom uniforms as disguise in attacks -
... Somalia over the past year. The most recent, in the town of El Adde last month, reportedly killed an unknown number of Kenyan troops. Kenya is one of five countries with troops in Somalia fighting the terror group, along with Burundi, Djibouti ...
Citizen TV (press release) - about 19 hours ago
Drought spells disaster for Somali herdersDrought spells disaster for Somali herders
... according to the latest food security assessment for Somalia. But the “improved pasture and water will likely be exhausted soon”, as it is unable to support the mass arrival of pastoralists and herds from as far afield as Djibouti and Ethiopia. The ...
IRINnews.org - about 18 hours ago
Visiting a land transformedVisiting a land transformed
But by then, the number of deaths had already exceeded one million and Ethiopia was in a limbo of despair and abandonment made worse by a harsh dictatorship and recurrent famine. Emigration was one of the few hopes ... We also adopted a green strategy ...
The Irish Catholic - about 20 hours ago
Ethiopia: Emergency food aid neededEthiopia: Emergency food aid needed
It can take around 120 days to purchase and transport food into Ethiopia through Djibouti, so we all must step up now otherwise children and families in dire need of assistance could simply not have any food from outside,” warned John Graham, the ...
AfricaNews - Wed 10 Feb
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